This introductory mathematics course is specifically designed for students of business and management. In this course students will be exposed to and practiced with the use of logical and quantitative reasoning in making rational decisions in the context of business.

After completing this course, students are expected

  • To get a better understanding of mathematical concepts and tools for business decision problems.
  • To get equipped with the ability of conceptually modelling business problems and solving them mathematically

(1) Introduction to Business Mathematics and the purpose of the course.
(2) The straight line and application
(3) Simultanoeus Equation
(4) Non-Linear function and application
(5) Linear Algebra and Introduction to Linear Programming
(6) Financial Mathematics
(7) Introduction to Decision Tree Analysis
(8) Differentiation & Application
(9) Partial Differentiation & Application
(10) Integration and Application
(11) Project case

Essential Mathematics for Economics and Business, by Teresa Bradley and Paul Patton, John Wiley 3rd Ed., 2008 (Text Book)

A group of 3 – 5 students is asked to work on a business problem. The groups are free to choose their own problem. It is expected that each group can apply the concept given in the class in solving the problem. The complete report (10 – 15 pages) must be submitted one week before group presentation, in session 14. Bizmath_12th session_Format Paper

Class Participation/Quiz/Individual Assignment    : 25%
Group Assignment/Project                                         : 15%
Mid-Term Test  ( October 25, 2011)                        : 30%
Final Test                                                                      : 30%

(1) MOPR5201- Marketing A (Thursday, 08.00 – 09.40- R108) rekap nilai business mathematics- marketing A
(2) BOPR5201 – Business A (Thursday, 10.00 – 11.40 – R 203) rekap nilai business mathematicsB2011A-Business
(3) MOPR5201- Marketing C (Thursday, 13.00 – 14.40 – R 301) rekap nilai business mathematics MOPR5201- Marketing C
(4) BOPR5201 – Business B (Thursday,15.00-16.40 – R 204) rekap nilai business mathematics B20111B- Business

Assigment 1 – Discussion Progress Exercise 4-10 PROGRESS EXERCISES 4
Review problems linear function – Assigment 1 lines parabola and systems – october 4
Review Problems Exponential & Logaritmic Functions – Review problme Exponentilal and Logaritmic Funtions

Group Discussion Business B- Room 201

Group Discussion Marketing C- Room 301

Group Discussion Marketing A – Room 108