1. a)   An insurance company has a group standard in the Claims Department to process 1,250 claims per day when fully staffed with 52 employees. Consider the following data and compute labor productivity for each of the last four weeks. What does this mean ?usulan dan jawab UTS no 1a
    b) If the group productivity standard is maintained, the contribution for each claim processed is $11. To achieve this contribution, $ 13.75 / hour in total labor and fringe benefits is expended as well as total computer equipment and labor support of $ 12,000/employee/year. In the most recent month, computer cost average $ 1,200/employee in the claims Department.
    Determine the total factor productivity (labor and computer) in claims last month
    usulan dan jawab UTS no 1b
  2. a) A chemical product company is considering three alternative process design for its new plant. The relevant aspects to be evaluates for each design include objectives factor summarized by annual operating costs and subjective factors related (1) saftety (2) Flexibility, and (3) expandibility. Following extensive discussion the subjective ratings of each process design, the cost data and the relative weights for each factor were estimated as follows (rating were made on scale from 1 to 10 with 10 being best).
    usulan dan jawab UTS no 2a

    b) Prepare process chart showing student admisiion process undergraduate program Prasetya Mulya Business school. Based on the process chart explain the non-added-value activities that can be improved
    Solution :
    The student could use
    (1)  Process chart use symbols (operation, transportation, inspection, delay and storage), time and distance or
    (2)  Service blueprinting that focuses on the student and the PMBS’s interaction with the student